I sold out of my t-shirts just in time for CM Punk to wear one in his Wrestlemania diary, leading many wrestling fans to marvel at “the wonders of Punk.” As much as I appreciated him supporting me I would like to point out that I sold out of shirts BEFORE he wore one. He already has a huge head, he doesn’t need to take credit for a rush on shirt orders. But I figured I better restock because Michelle Garcia wore one while competing in a recent Food Network Cake Challenge and Hannah Aitchison wore one during filming on LA Ink and soon people who neither bake nor destroy will be looking them up. But for those of you who actually do bake and/or destroy, the shirts are back, they’re on brand-new models and they’re ready to hang in your closet and kick all of your other clothes’ asses. Thank you for all your awesome emails, the boxes of candies, the drawings, the photos and all the other rad stuff you guys have done and thank you for giving me something to do while Tony watches Jerico.