Sweet Cobra’s guitar player, Mat Arluck is going through his second battle with cancer. He had 3 major surgeries in January to remove tumors from his liver and spine. In addition, he spent 3 weeks in the hospital and is set to do 4 weeks of radiation to follow up. The long term prognosis is good, but he still has a lot of treatment yet to go.
He has insurance, but has been out of work without pay since all of this. He wont be back at work for at least another 2 months.

So, Friday March 28th at Kuma’s Corner all tips left at the bar with the
bartenders (Alex and Rose) from 6pm to 2am will go to
a fund to help with Mat’s medical expenses.

If you live out of state, or can’t make it out because you’ll be at Wrestlemania, you may donate to Mat’s account via PayPal using the email address deminer666@yahoo.com

Mat’s known all over Chicago as the Sweet Cobra/Cooler By the Lake dude or as “Metal Mat” but I know him as the guy who warned me against buying a truly terrible Mayhem album. I bought it anyway and he was right. And for that, if nothing else, I owe him. Anyway, come out for the metal and pretzel buns, it’ll be fun.

Photo by Ryan Russel! (Thanks, M!)