Because I have actually given birth, I know how super special birthdays are. Before I experienced what can only be described as taking the biggest, most satisfying poop ever…well, I suppose it could be described other ways, but that’s the way I like to remember it… I pranced around on my own birthday demanding special treatment all day. I still do that, but now I also think back to that fateful, smelly, drug-hazed 13 hours during which I helped Teno make his own birthday and I remember to thank my mom for my own day of cake-eating and present-getting.

Regardless, birthdays are awesome. They’re a holiday just for you. And even if you share it with someone else- and chances are you do since there are like, you know, a lot of people on earth and stuff- no one cares about those other stupid people – it’s YOUR birthday!
So to celebrate one of my favorite people’s big day I made these super special Moz cupcake toppers. She’s vegan, she’s a cupcaker, she rocks bangs, and she loves Moz. What’s not to love, and therefore stalk via her blog The Urban Housewife?

And to make all revel in her glory, I am making these available as a free download for you. Enjoy them whilst listening to Louder than Bombs and recall this amazing story I have about Johnny Marr:

Once, when I worked at this coffee shop in Wicker Park, Johnny Marr came in before his show next door at the Double Door and he ordered a cranberry juice with no ice. And I gave him that juice. And he said thank you and he drank it. And then I held the glass for like, three hours. And then I put it down and someone picked it up and washed it. And I never saw that glass again. Or, I probably saw it a lot, but I couldn’t tell it apart from the other glasses that Johnny Marr hadn’t drank cranberry juice out of. And it was the best and also saddest night ever.

Moz cupcake toppers <–To make your toppers, just download the file, print it on card stock, trim and glue to tooth picks! Present these at your next Smiths party and everyone will love you.
Happy birthday, Melisser!!!!