I thought it would be fun to give you guys a project for X-mas, because let’s face it- there is NOTHING to do right now. I mean, I’m sure your boyfriends and husbands* did all the shopping and cleaned the house, your in-laws are doing all the cooking and all of those last-minute details have been lovingly tended to by the kids. It’s like, you can either sit there watching Judge Judy and eating the cookies your neighbors made you or you can get off your lazy ass and make a holiday craft! Actually, you can stay on your lazy ass, it would be weird to make these standing up.
These are really easy and they’re a solution for a problem I run into all the time. My family loves peanut butter frosting, but peanut butter frosting is about as unattractive as it gets. If they were into white buttercream I could color it, pipe little wreaths and snowmen… but no. We love tan frosting. That makes it tough to decorate for family X-mas parties and what not, but if you pile on even the ugliest frosting and stick one of these cute vintage snowpeople and Santas in there no one will notice that the frosting looks like flu poo.

To download the file just right click here: Vintage X-mas Cupcake Toppers. It’s a .pdf file, if you’re having problems downloading it from here, email me at cisforcupcake@gmail.com and I’ll email you the file. Print them on a lightweight cardstock (one that won’t get stuck in your printer) and cut the little dudes out. These are all from vintage gift tags and X-mas cards, you’ll notice Santa needs to have some old card trimmed away. I use a fast-drying craft glue, just a few small dots, attach the food picks and there you go. I even left the editing options open so you can resize them if you prefer them smaller- larger might not print out so well. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Have fun, don’t run with the scissors.

*I should add that my husband usually does do all the shopping, cleaning and cooking because our kid is so nuts I have to be on full-time Teno watch in order for any of those things to be accomplished.