I don’t have a recipe or a review to post for you today, but I do have this amazing cupcake from Sweet Mandy B’s. I just wanted to put this here to remind you all that in your darkest moments, in your times of need, on those days when you’re an eternal wipe rag in a land of pure butt… there is always Cupcake.

Now, those of you who know me are aware that I am an ordained reverend in some bunk online church and therefore, not only qualified to marry people (in fact, I married the couple who gave me this very cupcake,) but that I am also able to write prayers. Well, I wrote this one for those of you who are reading this and wanting to feel the amazing power that comes from accepting the Cupcake as your personal lord and savior.
Breathe into me, Cupcake, that my thoughts may all be delicious. Move in me, Cupcake, that my work, too, may be delicious. Attract my heart, Cupcake, that I may love only what is delicious. Strengthen me, Cupcake, that I may defend all that is delicious. Protect me, Cupcake, that I may always be delicious. -Natalie Slater, spiritual warrior