I just placed an order with www.confectioneryhouse.com for some brown cupcake liners (as well as some cool-sounding flavor oils and some other neat stuff.) I’m excited to get my hands on them, this site has so much rad stuff. The liners alone are worth $6 shipping. It’s hard to find cool cupcake liners, so sad. Teno’s birthday bear cupcakes are gonna rule!

We had the hardest time deciding what to do for his 1st birthday. I mean, I had these bear cupcakes picked out from the time I was 7 weeks pregnant, but otherwise…no ideas.

Maybe you have to know Teno, but he’s not into pastels. He does like Elmo, but he also likes to lick the windowpanes so I wasn’t relying too much on his input. But I found all this camo party stuff today and I’m going to do bear cakes and it’ll be kind of a woodsy-meets-cuddly thing. Because that’s Teno- smelly and tough but oh-so-lovable.

Check out that site, it’s awesome!