carrierI replaced my Wilton carrier (which held a dozen cupcakes) with this Oneida carrier to hold two dozen. I’ve seen giant ones that hold three dozen as well, but I don’t think I’ve ever had to bring that many cupcakes anywhere so this will do. Talk to me about the big one when Teno’s in school and I’m ruling the bake sales with an iron fist.

Anyway, I really like how compact this is, it’s like, four inches smaller all the way around than the Wilton carrier so I don’t feel like I’m lugging a second baby into parties when I arrive. I usually have my Wilton cupcake tree with me as well, so it’s always a little embarrassing to arrive with two arm loads of cupcake things for a party where you know virtually no one is going to give a crap about all of your hard work or your various devices.

Actually, can I take this opportunity to say something about my family right now? I’ve been cupcaking up their parties for a few years, and they are SO supportive. Like, my mom knows how much I love to do this so she and my dad are always awesome about complimenting the stuff I bring. But even my aunts and uncles (and some cousins) say the sweetest things about my cupcakes. And I know I’m a total hit or miss, like I’ve served up some straight untasty cakes to these people but they always tell me how cute they look or how good they taste. That means so much. It’s just a silly hobby, but it’s so nice when people notice.

Ok, enough of that. Here are my two complaints about this carrier: one, the bottom tray is a baking tray which is nice if you need an extra baking tray, but if you decorate your cakes you have to stick your fingers in the icing to get them out. A solution would be to put some foil balls or beans or something in the bottoms of the cups before putting decorated cupcakes in it. The top tray is shallow so that’s not an issue. Two, you don’t get a lot of room between the top and bottom tray or between the top tray and the lid. So if you like to do two inches of swirly buttercream as I do,  you kind of have to check yourself. And there will be no marshmallow snowmen built upon cupcakes in this carrier.

But, decorations stayed nicer in here than in my Wilton case where I had to smash them all in and hope for the best and it’s much easier to clean.

So anyway, it’s a good carrier and it was under $20 so what else do you want, blood?