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Hi, I’m Natalie Slater. I live in Chicago with my husband Tony, our son Teno and two little dogs, Lulu and Flapjack. I started Bake and Destroy in 2006 while on while on maternity leave. In a previous life I worked as a baker while I studied journalism in college, so food blogging seemed like a good way to combine my love of recipe development with my love of writing.

Bake and Destroy features original vegan* recipes influenced by punk rock, heavy metal, junk food and maybe a bit of pro-wrestling. I also occasionally interview chefs, indie designers and other interesting folks.

I’ve appeared on several TV shows including Food Network, The Cooking Channel, and WTTW Chicago Tonight as well as on the pages of Time Out Chicago and Bust Magazine, and have been fired from more reality TV shows than you can imagine.

My first book, Bake and Destroy: Good Food for Bad Vegans, was published in August 2013. Contact me at natalie(at)bakeanddestroy(dot)com or by using the form below.

*100% vegan since 2011 – earlier posts may contain eggs or dairy.

Info for PR Reps

As of 2011, Bake and Destroy is a 100% vegan website – this means I don’t use any ingredients that come from animals or insects. No milk, cheese, meat, eggs or honey. Please do not pitch me about beef jerky, whey protein, a sausage cookbook or steak house. I also don’t drink alcohol – therefore, I don’t write about cocktail recipes, especially not extremely lame Olympics-inspired cocktails or those inspired by a wretched reality TV star. If you represent a vegan, cruelty-free brand or product that makes sense for my readers please contact me at natalie(at)bakeanddestroy(dot)com or use the form below. If you do pitch me about beef jerky, I will absolutely make fun of you on Instagram.

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