When I realized my husband had a cupcake tattoo before I did I started mulling this one over. Almost a year later, here it is. Chris Smith at Taylor St. Tattoo, aka the only red head I completely trust, did this sweet B&D! on my calf.

Was it hurty? Oh, was it hurty! And I’ve never been told to sit still so many times in my life. Not even when I got my chest piece- but it’s exactly what I wanted and I love it.

Sorry if spooky liquids seeping out of my leg creeps you out, but I couldn’t wait the couple of weeks it’s going to take this beast to heal to show it to you. Pretend it’s apple juice. Everyone likes apple juice.

In a weird baking-world coincidence, Chris’ appointment right after me was with a girl who works at The Bleeding Heart Bakery. Shake your hands around and say “whooooo!” all ghost-like. Because that’s weird , right?

Finally, I would like to say that www.TheUrbanHouseWife.com is the only Urban Housewife for me. (^_-) And also, I cannot wait to give Leigh hugs and rifle through her aprons at the kitchen show in March!