Domestic Bliss

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Hey I have a few hot tips for you guys! Ok, right now at Target all the Wilton Cupcake Fun stuff in one clearance- so if you didn’t spend a bunch on silicone cupcake liners, cute gift boxes for baked goods and idea books you should go get it while it’s hot.
Also, I discovered recently at my local Mexican grocery store than Mexican vanilla is WAY cheap! You can get a huge bottle of 100% pure vanilla extract for $4!
And finally, I found a whole set of snap-top containers at Walgreens for $2. There are about 10 square containers in varying sizes, perfect for gifting or for sending cupcakes and cookies to work in without worry that you’ll never see your Tupperware again.
And that’s your cheap-o insider info of the day. Please enjoy this photo of me with my new Mother’s Day apron and cookie jar.